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Mr.Bowmont's love for relaxing is no secret and keeping his legendary chill sessions a hidden would be a serious crime. 

Here are just a few highlights of what we like to call "A Mr.Bowmont Moment" or dare I say... "A Mr. Bowment".

Poolside Relaxing.

The poolside is one of the most common places you will find Mr.Bowmont. It's a picture perfect environment with an exceptional feeling of freedom. The pool always provides a well-balanced way of keeping your temperature at the right level.


Mr.Bowmont doesn't rely on assistance or support.  Except when it comes to a wall or another surface that can provide a moment of standing still and doing absolutely nothing.


Mr.Bowmont is one for sitting. Choosing the right spot with the proper breeze whilst taking in his environment. Doing this, he preferably enjoys a coffee or any other sophisticated beverage. Sit back and relax.


2 knots per hour is just the right speed when it comes to cruising on your boat. Take in the moment, watch that sunshine and listen to the soothing sound of ocean waves.


Did you know that stairways aren't just built for climbing? They actually make great places to sit and usually have a great view once you are almost at the top.