Sympnoia is handmade from sustainable violet wood combined with olive wood and blue steel. Sympnoia stands for togetherness, which comes out perfectly in the beautiful color combination of white olive wood, dark violet wood and blue steel.


  • Length: 21 Centimeter
  • Width: 17 millimeter
  • Link bracelet
  • FSC certified wood
  • Unisex
  • Luxury storage box
  • Associated tools to adjust the bracelet

Click here to print our tape measure.


About Brisa Gaia

Love, sustainability, respect and quality. These are most connected values to Brisa Gaia. That’s why Brisa Gaia is taking care of our planet and fellow creatures. The products are only made from sustainable and planet friendly materials.

The wooden products of Brisa Gaia are made in a non-mass-manufactured manner, but made with specific care for each product. Brisa Gaia believes in the conservation of the nature and to actively contribute to this factor. The name Brisa Gaia says it all, it stands for a beloved world and that is where they focus on. The products are solely made from recycled plastics and the most sustainable raw materials.

Sustainable wooden accessories

All wooden accessories are hand-made and natural materials to reduce the negative impact on the environment and planet. The different woods applied to jewelry and accessories are fully sustainable. The forest of wood used for these products are complying with the FSC standards. In other words; the natural environment is preserved and plants and animals remain protected.


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