Travel Label Dark Brown


With the Mr.Bowmont handmade leather travel bag label you will travel the world in style! This high quality label makes sure you will never loose your luggage and is a stylish addition to your suitcase or travelbags.

made with responsibility:

leather travel labels

The leather travel labels of Mr.Bowmont come in 3 colors: grey, brown and dark brown. With these stylish and luxury travel labels you will complete your Mr.Bowmont travel look.  The travel labels are hand-made in the Netherlands by craftsmanship and are made from natural and high quality leather. Complete the travel and lifestyle look of Mr.Bowmont with this good looking accessories!


Mr.Bowmont Headquarters is located in The Netherlands. Ordered before 16:00 on business days is a next day delivery. For orders within Europe we handle a same day ordered, same day shipped policy. This includes orders placed before 16:00h. Shippings usually takes 2-4 business days. For international orders outside Europe shipping can take up to 6 days.

Returns & Exchange

In the Netherlands all exchange costs are free of charge. Returns are for your own cost. Depending on the situation a return can be free of charge as well. If you have any other questions our team is always ready for you on