The Idler


The Idler

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The Idler

A person often described as being lazy who should actually be working. The Idler doesn’t see this as an insult but as a compliment.

The Idler is a minty fresh green swim short with a relatively short fit. There is no print to be found.

Mr.Bowmont designed The Idler out of 100% peach polyester that dries quickly. Details of Mr.Bowmonts signature are to be found on the front and back pocket, and engraved in the end of the cord ends and on all rings.

To sum up:

  • Material: Soft Peach Polyester
  • Color: Mint Green
  • Print: None
  • Two Side Pockets
  • One Back Pocket
  • Mr.Bowmont’s signature engravings and embroidering
  • Fit: Semi Slim-Fit

Size guide (UK/US):
S: 28/29
M: 30/31
L: 32/33
XL: 34/35
XXL: 36 –


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