The Sir Edmond Gin


A bottle of gin. In honor of the launch: The Sir Edmond x Mr.Bowmont.

Mr.Bowmont & Sir Edmond bumped into each other when they were both seeking their own adventure. In this brief, but unusual moment a partnership evolved. Together, we created the world’s first swim shorts for a gin brand.

Sir Edmond Gin starts its gin with a selection of fine raw botanicals, picked from all over the world to create a delicate formula. Adding a touch of vanilla, the second most expensive spice on earth, to create a sweet, yet refined gin is what makes this drink stand out from the crowd. Named after Mr Edmond Albius who, in 1841, discovered that vanilla orchids could be artificially pollinated by hand.

Sir Edmond Gin (70 cl)

Mr.Bowmont Promises

  • Made of recycled plastic bottles
  • Designed in Amsterdam (NL)
  • Free Shipping in The Netherlands